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Regional Style: The appeal of this Ski Resort Bar begins with Adirondack Style Architecture. The welcoming rustic porch, expansive dining room & historic bar makes this a favorite for locals, and weekend hotspot at this popular resort town. A cozy dining atmosphere and comfortable bar are served high volume design able to accommodate peak weekend demand from nearby Gore Mountain Resort.

Casey’s North, North Creek NY


Kitchen Design is the engine that drives any good food service operation. Careful kitchen facility, and equipment design creates a well designed work flow catered to the specific culinary needs, cuisine, location, customer flow and volume expected.

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor

Our experience with food service equipment design ranges from world class fine dining to high volume family businesses. Many of our restaurants, bakeries, and cafes have been squeezed into historic buildings with great success.

We can improve the design flow of any kitchen and provide the experience necessary to perfect the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the work flow layout. Designing in 3D helps us to plan, specify and install the best possible food and beverage facility layout.


Good Taverns always feature a good comfortable bar for patrons. Bar & Casework design conveys the feel & atmosphere of the establishment. Efficient design supports the service and efficiency of the bartender. Integrated systems track products, sales and customer preferences. This comfortable service bar at Mount Snow Resort keeps patrons happy while waiting for a coveted table.

Like wine facilities the proper design of beer facilities improves the quality of the experience for patrons. When beer is brewed on premises we like to provide a glimpse of the brewing operation so patrons can see their beer being made on site. Serving the perfect brew in comfortable atmosphere is the goal in a well designed brew-pub.

Mount Snow, Vermont


Hotel & Wine Resort   Master PlanWine Bars, and Wine facilities have permanently changed the hospitality landscape. Our experience in the field ranges from designing popular wine bars, to elite private wine cellars and wine tasting facilities. The care of valuable wines can prove a wise investment for some enthusiasts, as it has for our clients.

Our award winning wine facilities for the Friends Lake Inn earned the Wine Spectator Grand Award the next year. Comfort and elegance are always enhanced by a good glass of wine!

Wine Resort Master Plan, CA
Friends Lake Inn Cellar, NY