Marine & Coastal

AquaRanch Shark "Coco"

Aqua-Ranch Marine Life & Aquaculture Facility

Our Site Plan for the Aqua Ranch at MM69 in the Florida Keys combines a fish-farm and educational facility on 14 acre salt-water lake. The local college, FKCC uses the facility for research on sharks, coral marine life and aquaculture. Designed so that School groups will be able to visit the site, and the public will be invited to feed the fish and learn about the marine environment.

AquaRanch Site  Master PlanFacility Design accommodates parking and arrival, an 80 foot Public Plaza that accommodates both public gatherings, & emergency vehicles with safe waterfront and dock access is supported by public restrooms and storage facilities for fishery and dive operations.

Green Building: The self-sufficient low-impact design uses no public sewer or water. Service buildings are constructed from reused shipping containers. A recycled wind proof fabric structure shades fish farming production areas. Docks are recycled from the navy, and surrounding land is left undisturbed.